jamuura brigade

With the Jamuura Brigade, we are attempting to create an exclusive club that offers select products and services to filmmakers. Jamuura urges anybody and everybody who has a story to tell to come forward and #MakeYourFilm

As a member of the Jamuura Brigade, you can avail the following filmmaking services:

Equipment Rental:
Jamuura offers Upto 30% discount to its members on equipment rentals which significantly drops the production cost. Get the right equipment, from boom to lapels, and make your dream film.
Jamuura Lounge:
Attend live online sessions conducted by industry professionals and sharpen your filmmaking skills and grasp the knowledge that you require and become the filmmaker that you want to be.

Jamuura Grant:
Submit your script, and get a chance to win grant worth Rs. 50,000/- and make your film without budget hassles. Jamuura is currently giving out 12 grants in 12 months to 12 deserving projects.
Festival Support:
Chalk out the festivals that are best suited for your film. Take your film to the doorstep of top national and international festivals and give your film the audience that it deserves.

In case you are facing any trouble registering, making payments or have any other questions,
Please mail us at brigade@jamuura.com or contact K.K.Choudhary at +91 9595000040