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The Lounge brings to you online workshops in the form of webinars. A webinar is essentially a seminar conducted online. These webinars will be conducted by professionals from the film industry. These webinars will cover every aspect of filmmaking; from direction to writing, from cinematography to editing.

Happening on a monthly basis, the webinars will not only help you to master your craft, but also clear your doubts and questions (if you have any), since the expert will be just a screen away from you. One can sign up to become a member with the Jamuura Brigade and avail this service at a discounted price, or just pay the full amount and still attend the webinars.

Points to be noted:
   Need an internet speed of at least 700 kbps

   Can attend the webinar from any corner of the world; provided you have internet

   Leading experts from the world of filmmaking will clear any queries you have regarding the subject
1. Leading experts from Indian film industry will take webinars- seminars on the web that will help you sharpen your skills.
2. You could be anywhere in the world- from London to your loo, and still attend the webinar.
3. With a good internet speed, you will your film school at your doorstep; actually, your computer screen.
4. Grasp the knowledge that you require and become the filmmaker that you want to be.
5. Learn direction from a critically acclaimed director, cinematography from an award winning DOP.


Animation for everyone - A session with Shambhoo Phalke
Shambhoo Phalke

Shambhoo Phalke is a name synonymous to the Indian animation sphere and is one of the few individuals in who strikes the right balance between Creativity and Commercials. He has successfully mastered Traditional and Digital Production methods. His work has been released Theatrically and on TV Channels across the world. Shambhoo is a Task master and his focus has been on carving out unique deals, building new clientele and relationships, strategies, restructuring of animation studio and improving their bottom and top line revenues.

Date: 10th Oct 2015 | Time: 6-8 pm (IST) | Fees: Free | See more >>

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The Art of Making a Film from Real Life Incident - by Raj Kumar Gupta

A great movie does not always need action scenes or slapstick comedy. Sometimes, just telling the truth is way more interesting and the audience loves a good, honest movie based on a real story. In our upcoming online workshop, Raj Kumar Gupta, director of the critically acclaimed "No One Killed Jessica" will take us through the nuances of translating a real life incident into a feature film by adding elements to the story without compromising on the core. Come, learn the art of making a film out of a real life incident with Raj Kumar Gupta.

Date: 1st Oct 2015 | Time: 7-9 pm (IST) | Fees: Paid | See more >>

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The Art Of Writing And Directing A Thriller - Deconstructing Shaitan by Bejoy Nambiar

The art of writing and directing a thriller involves building suspense, tension and excitement and continuing that throughout the film. This also includes usage of specific camera angles, lighting and editing which play a key role in making a good thriller.
One of the most exciting & fresh thrillers of recent times, Bejoy Nambiar's Shaitan has all these elements. Bejoy will take us through how he went about writing & directing the film.

Date: 18th Sept 2015 | Time: 7-9 pm (IST) | Fees: FREE | See more >>

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The practical art of filmmaking by Ruchi Narain
ruchi narain

Films can be the ultimate form of artistic expression. Or not. Whether you want to make a film for artistic value, or entertainment, propagating a product or idea or just pure storytelling, there must be some method to the madness.

Date- 22nd Aug 2015 | Time: 6-8 pm (IST) | See more >>

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Secrets of screenwriting by Kamlesh Pandey

Its in my head but I am unable to put it on paper! After writing a few paragraphs, I get stuck! I get lots of ideas but I fail to build it into a story! If this is your problem then this session is for you. Understand the craft of Screenwriting and tell your story.
Date: 8th Aug 2015 | Time: 6-8 pm (IST)

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