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Jamuura is pleased to announce the winner of the Jamuura Grant for October'15; Anuj Gulati for his short film "The Manliest Man". Here is what Anuj says about the film, "The Manliest Man is a story based in an Indian village, where a man is declared weak after having had more than one daughter. The custom then calls for another man to come forward to help bring a son in his family. It's a fictional premise, of course. The film follows the Chief's journey that is responsible for administering this custom. The challenge in making this film was to treat a serious subject in a subtle way, while still getting the point of the film across".

jamuura grant

Looking for money to 'make your film'. Apply for the Jamuura Grant!
The Jamuura grant is a special service for the member providing him/her with financial support for making a film. Grants are offered on a monthly basis and candidates are selected from the list of applicants. Applicants need to send their scripts/films in specific formats adhering to the guidelines mentioned by Jamuura (refer key terms).
Jamuura intends to support the modern age storytellers and hopes to inspire unique stories come to life.

1. No more asking your U.S. based relatives to fund your film.
2. No more cutting corners and compromising.
3. Hire the right crew for the film.
4. Need money for color correction or special effects? You got it.
5. Found a location, but a bit too expensive? Use the grant!
6. No need to handle the cash; you focus on the film, we pay your bills.
7. Learn the nuances of budget filmmaking, first-hand.

Jamuura Grant Winners

Abhishek Verma

The winner of the first monthly Jamuura Grant for August’15, worth Rs. 100,000 was Abhishek Verma for his film, 'Macher Jhol'. Macher Jhol is the story of the difficult situation of a 33-34 year old who confronts his father to reveal his true sexual orientation by cooking up a famous Bengali dish, the fish curry.

Varun Tandon

The winner of the Jamuura Grant for September’15 worth Rs. 50,000 was Varun Tandon for his short film, 'Syaahi'. Syaahi is a film about a father-son relationship in this busy dog-eat-dog world. Here's what he said, "The Jamuura Grant will be incredibly helpful in completing the film the way it was envisioned, without compromises".