Equipment Rental

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Good, affordable equipment is hard to come by. This is a fact, which everyone will tell you from the producer to the gaffer. However, with Jamuura Brigade, we are about to change that. Along with the premium membership comes some unbelievable discount that you can avail to take your film to the next level. To give it the top notch quality that you have been always dreaming of.

With almost a 30% discount on certain vendors, you can hire a Canon 5D mark III to a Kino Flo and give the look and feel to your film that it deserves.

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1. Use top notch equipments and enhance the quality of your film.
2. No haggling, no hassles. Browse through the catalogue of vendors and choose whichever you like.
3. Use the coupons to avail discounts and cut production costs
4. Get the right equipment- From lighting to cameras, from mikes to trolleys, and make your dream film.

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